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WMHT joins with public media partners across New York State to examine the addiction and overdose crisis facing our state. 

The Overdose Epidemic brings together public media across the state to focus on a single issue across multiple platforms—broadcast television, radio, podcasts, online streaming, social media, live events, and more. 

Opioids in NY: Stories & Solutions

Opioids in NY: Stories & Solutions examines the complex landscape of addiction, explores harm reduction strategies, and discusses comprehensive efforts in New York to address the opioid epidemic. The one-hour program, Opioids in NY: Stories & Solutions shares resources that exist across New York - illuminating paths to treatment, help, and hope. 

Opioids in NY

A Statewide History of Drug Policy

Professor, author, and drug historian Nancy Campbell discusses the different approaches New York has taken with its opioid drug policy since the 50's and 60's.

Opioids in NY

Exploring the Science

Neuropharmacologist Lauren Purington describes the effects that opioid drugs have on our brains and bodies. Lauren is the director of the B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences Program at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. 

Opioids in NY

The Importance of Narcan

Ed Fox and Alexis Weeks discuss harm reduction, Project Safe Point, and the importance of Narcan training.

Opioids in NY

What is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Take a look at Greene County's medication-assisted treatment clinic, and how medication can help assist with addiction recovery. 

Opioids in NY

Rensselaer County's Fight Against the Opioid Crisis

Discover the inspiring efforts of the Rensselaer County Heroin Coalition in combating the opioid crisis.

Opioids in NY

Virtual Support & Aid

Peer Recovery Support Specialist Meghan Hetfield discusses the impact that technology has had on addiction recovery services.

Opioids in NY

OASAS' Innovative Approach to Addiction Services in New York

Explore OASAS's groundbreaking strategies for tackling New York's opioid crisis. Dr. Chinazo Cunningham reveals how they're saving lives through prevention, harm reduction, and accessible treatment.

Opioids in NY

When Addiction Affects Loved Ones

Judy Moffitt, a certified addiction recovery coach, shares her experience of being the mother of someone struggling with addiction. 

Opioids in NY

Schenectady Cares Program

Lt. Ryan Macherone of Schenectady P.D. discusses the department's "Schenectady Cares" program, which works to connect people struggling with addiction to resources they need. 

Opioids in NY

Peer Advocates

Learn about how peer recovery advocates use their own experiences to help those struggling with addiction.

LISTEN: COVID-19 and NY's Overdose Epidemic

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