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Edison Society

WMHT's Most Outstanding Supporters

Of the thousands of people who support educational public broadcasting in the area,WMHT has always had a special group of friends with the vision, means and commitment to make public broadcasting a philanthropic priority.

The WMHT Edison Society recognizes those who support the inherent promise and critical mission of public broadcasting with annual investments of $1,000 or more. The Society's vision and generosity ensures the financial stability necessary to continue the innovation and excellence in broadcasting first pioneered by Thomas A. Edison, who developed the carbon microphone later used in radio broadcasting some 130 years ago.

Benefits for Joining

Join the Edison Society today and enjoy an array of rewarding benefits, including:

Video/DVD Lending Library
A collection of Masterpiece programs, documentaries, and much more – and YOU have the membership! We are currently working on expanding this library, but recently made some great additions including Downton Abbey Seasons 1 and 2, Sherlock Season 1, American Experience: Freedom Riders, and Ken Burns Civil War and Prohibition. If you have a specific show you are looking to borrow – let us know!

The Insider
Periodic updates from WMHT’s President.

Invitations to Special Events
Join us for events all over the region as we celebrate a year of milestone anniversaries here at WMHT!

A WMHT Thank You Gift of Your Choice
Just call us if you see or hear a thank you gift offered on our TV or radio stations. We’ll send it to you with our thanks for your support.

WMHT Passport
With access to tens of thousands of hours of your favorite programs, WMHT Passport allows you to watch even more episodes of your favorites, including full seasons of many current and past series, on your schedule.

Studio Tours
Visit us for private, exclusive tours of WMHT, including our TV studios, our broadcast centers for WMHT-FM and WEXT Radio, and RISE , WMHT’s reading service for the visually impaired, and meet some of the staff that help bring you the programs you enjoy.

If you have questions regarding the Edison Society or wish to contribute $1,000 or more to join the Edison Society, please contact