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TvFILM is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

About TvFILM

TvFILM is an engaging showcase for the creative works of a diverse regional community of independent filmmakers. 'TvFILM' also offers filmmakers in our area a chance to share their thoughts on the joys, struggles, tricks, and trials of independent filmmaking.

A GIF of the co-host of TvFILM, Zeke Kubisch

About the Host

Zeke Kubisch is TvFILM’s behind the scenes wizard. Now acting as host, Zeke has been producing and editing TvFILM for the past 7 seasons and even interned with TvFILM in the summer of 2010. On top of TvFILM, Zeke has produced documentaries like The Mohawk Giants: Schenectady and the Negro Leagues,Henry Johnson: A Tale of Courage as well as The Scene. In his spare time, you probably won’t find Zeke sitting in front of a tv, but you will find him petting cats, body slamming men in tights and brewing his own beer.