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WMHT's Early Literacy program provides resources, training, and family engagement activities for childcare providers, early education teachers, and families. In-person workshops and community programs use public broadcasting's media content to significantly expand the literacy skills of children. Programs may be held at libraries, schools, daycare centers, faith-based organizations, or community centers. Programs are 60 to 90 minutes long and may be scheduled for day or evening, weekday or weekends. Fees include presenter travel, books, and other workshop materials.

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Services We Offer

Caregiver and Child Engagement Activities use PBS educational resources, stories, books, and activities to offer caregivers and their children an opportunity to increase learning through reading and other activities.

  • Barn Dance
  • Bear Snores On
  • Bugs
  • Caps for Sale
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type
  • Clifford
  • Coral Reefs
  • Corduroy
  • Daniel Tiger's Picnic Adventure
  • Duck on a Bike
  • Giggle Giggle Quack
  • Giraffes Can't Dance
  • Good Night Moon
  • Gregory the Terrible Eater
  • How Dinosaurs Say Goodnight
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • Library Lion
  • Lion and the Mouse
  • Mouse Count
  • One Tiny Turtle
  • Owl Moon
  • Stellaluna
  • The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash
  • Two Old Potatoes and Me
  • Books priced up to $5: $50 per 25 children
  • Books priced $5 to $6: $75 per 25 children
  • Books priced over $6, special order book titles, and materials for larger groups are subject to additional fees.

Kitchen Science Activities offers hands-on learning for scientific thinking and discovery in caregiver-child settings of 15 students ages 5-12 with accompanying adults. Families use familiar tools and materials to have fun and help children develop an understanding of the physical world. Kitchen Science room must have access to sink and water.

  • Cloud Dough
  • Slime
  • Quicksand
  • Moon Sand
  • Lava Lamps
  • Lava Lamps
  • The BLOB
  • Elephants Toothpaste
  • Polymer Production: Slime & Gooey Worms
  • Flight [gliders and simple rockets]
  • $50 per 15 children for materials. If books are requested, they will incur additional fees.

Programs include viewing a DVD version of the story (or a story-reading discussion if the DVD is not available) and fun hands-on activities providing a collaborative learning environment for caregivers and children. Each family that attends will receive an age-appropriate book to take home. Activities are appropriate for pre-K thru 2nd grade. Attendance is set at 25 children, each of whom must be accompanied by an adult caregiver.