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WMHT Public Media, located in New York State's Capital Region, serving Eastern New York and Western New England, is the only locally owned, nonprofit, multichannel public communications organization that reaches beyond the traditional broadcasting model to act as a leader by convening arts, culture, learning and civic interests. WMHT focuses on Community, Culture and Connections by providing entertainment, enrichment and engagement through television, radio, digital media, and educational services.


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Employment Opportunities

Internships & Volunteering

WMHT offers college students opportunities to learn more about broadcasting and media through a variety of internships here at our TV, radio and Web headquarters. If you are interested in interning at WMHT, please review the following frequently asked questions below. Interested in applying for an internship? Click hereto email your resume and cover letter to us. Interested in volunteering your time and talents for RISE, WMHT's radio reading service for the blind and print disabled? Click here for FAQs and additional information.

Internship FAQs

What factors do you consider when selecting an intern?

An applicant's individual skills, strengths, academic record, goals and career interests and current departmental needs at WMHT. Also, applicants must be pursuing a degree that requires them to obtain vocational experience as a condition of receiving the degree.

Are WMHT internships paid or unpaid?

WMHT internships are paid.

What are the eligibility requirements and what types of internships are available at WMHT?

Click here for more information on our internships.

What are the deadlines for submitting internship applications?

  • Fall interns: Submit by July 31 for Sept.-Dec. internship
  • Spring interns: Submit by Nov. 30 for Jan.-May
  • Summer interns: Submit by April 30 for May-Aug

How do I apply for an internship at WMHT?

Apply via e-mail here

What should my cover letter include?

That is really up to you, but we suggest discussing why you are interested in an internship at WMHT, what skills, strengths and experience you could bring to the organization and what you would like to learn more about during your potential internship. We will need the number of credits you will be earning and how many internship hours you will need in order to earn that credit. We will also need to know the time period you are applying for.

How will I know if I have been selected for an internship?

If an internship matches your qualifications and interests, you will be invited to WMHT for an interview. If you are selected for an internship, you will be notified by a WMHT staff member.

Am I guaranteed employment with WMHT after I complete the internship?

There is no guarantee of employment based on your internship. However, your performance during your internship will be considered if you choose to apply for a job with us.