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Once upon a time, children were asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Across the life course, people need different things to successfully navigate a rapidly changing economy. From conversations with middle schoolers around what the future of work could look like to mid-life career shifts, efforts to retain experienced workers and people of all ages seeking flexibility in their employment options - WMHT will share job seeking stories from across the lifespan in a new series - Work in Progress.


How to Find Your Career Path with Ikigai

Tech Valley High School students use the “ikigai” concept to explore career paths. “Ikigai” is a Japanese phrase that translates to “reason for being.” The concept teaches students that careers are non-linear and shows the need to be adaptable in your career as your needs and interests change over time. What is your “ikigai”?

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How VET S.T.E.P. Bridges the Gap from Military to Microelectronics

The VET S.T.E.P. program offers service members the opportunity to learn about job opportunities in the microelectronics manufacturing field. Participants receive training at the Albany Nanotech complex and an internship placement at a partner company, showcasing the transferability of military training and discipline. Gain the industry-specific skills you need to start a career in the burgeoning semiconductor industry.

How Middle Schoolers Learn Professional Skills for Life

Students can pursue a variety of pathways after high school. At the middle school level, students at Greenville Schools are exposed to and explore all the pathways they could take while learning professional skills they can apply to any career. In Matt Lacey’s Food Truck class, students put together a business plan as a way to learn the skills for leadership, collaboration, and communication.

M.A.P.P.: Diversifying Construction Trades for a Better Future

M.A.P.P (Multi-Craft Apprenticeship Preparation Program) offers paid pre-apprenticeship training in building and construction trades to communities of color and low-income populations. Graduates earn direct entry into an NYS-registered apprenticeship in local unions, bringing living wages to historically underserved communities.

How College in Prison is Changing Lives

College can be a transformative experience, but for incarcerated individuals, it can be life-changing. Bard Prison Initiative is unlocking the potential of incarcerated individuals by providing a college education and exposing them to a variety of career paths.

Digital Literacy is Necessary for Success At Work

New Americans CanCode offers digital literacy training to immigrants in New York.

Matching Women with Careers They Love

Capital District Women's Employment Resource Center (WERC) has provided workforce development training, resource assistance and placement services to Displaced Homemakers since 1978.

Green Energy Job Opportunities in New York

New York State Department of Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon discusses the growing job market in NY. From green energy to electric vehicles and cannabis, she explains how the world of work is changing and how people can prepare for it.

High Demand Careers in Manufacturing

Dan Cullen, Director of Field Services at WDI, discusses the growing need for skilled electro-mechanical technicians in the advanced manufacturing industry. He explains the unique skillset required for this career and the opportunities available for those interested in pursuing it.

Adaptive Technology is Creating More Inclusive Workplaces

Explore how adaptive technology is transforming workplaces and creating a more inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities.

Gaining Independence Through Learning Workplace Skills

At the Warren, Washington Albany Counties ARC, people with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to learn workplace skills in the Community Pre-Vocational Program.

Explore Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Green Energy Careers at Plug Power

Discover the exciting opportunities in the renewable energy sector with Plug Power. Learn how to become part of a dynamic team, debunk misconceptions, and contribute to a greener future.

Explore More:

Unlocking Opportunities for Senior Employment with SCSEP

Discover the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), a transformative initiative under the Older Americans Act. This program offers job training and employment opportunities to eligible individuals aged 55 and above.

Delve into the program's impact, success stories, and how it empowers seniors to acquire valuable skills and find meaningful work.

PBS LearningMedia Resources

E-Business | Jeffrey Bezos

Hear about the flexibility of the internet and its shaping by new technologies and decreasing costs in these early years of development, from Jeffrey Bezos, the founder and CEO of The rise of the Internet has provided a new market for North Dakota businesses. With shopping at a store now being as easy as typing in a web address, distance from consumers is becoming less of an issue in the business world.

Career Hacks for Workforce Readiness

Success in one’s career depends on much more than just earning good grades in school. Help increase learners’ workforce readiness by building strengths in key interpersonal skills, such as problem-solving, leadership, communication, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking, using this collection of resources produced by WGBH.

Careers in Up-and-Coming Fields | Future Jobs

Today's workforce is changing. WQED wants to help students discover new, promising career options when they start their job search and raise awareness about the workforce development that is already underway, helping the economy grow as workers find fulfilling careers and thrive. Learn about up-and-coming career fields and future jobs!

STEM Career Labs

This is your career lab, designed to help you explore a future STEM career! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Today's STEM professionals create virtual worlds, design amazing machines, invent new materials, construct earth-friendly buildings, and engineer cutting-edge air vehicles.

KSPS Career Explore Northwest

Career Explore Northwest is a community tool designed to guide youth and adult learners, through job spotlight videos and job/industry data information, toward a successful job or career. Under each industry cluster you will find a collection of videos that highlight different types of jobs that are available in the Spokane/North Idaho region.

The Future of Work was the first chapter of our ongoing investigation into the changing landscape of work raising critical questions and explores compelling diverse individual experiences. Hear from expert perspectives to help us understand what the future holds for the U.S. workforce and why that matters in today’s world. Is the right to work a human right? Is the future of work about entrenched haves and have-nots? What are the merits of college vs. training programs in preparing for the jobs of tomorrow? How do we protect and preserve employment opportunities that sustain families, communities, and the nation -- fundamental aspects of the American Dream? 


WMHT's exploration of the Future of Work explores these and other questions with profiles of millennial, single-parent and other workers, in addition to leading economic, employment, training and technology experts.


Workforce Development Institute
Hudson Valley Community College
Capital Region Workforce Development Board
New YorK Association of Training and Employment (NYATEP)
Rural Migrant Ministry
Young Futures
Mission Accomplished
Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen
New York State Migrant Education Program
Capital Region BOCES
Expertise Project
Schenectady County Community College
Stockade Works
L&K Consulting and Development, LLC
Fyfe Consulting
Libby Coreno, Esq.
Dr. Kerry Murray O’Hara, Psy.D.

The Future of Work Town Hall

We discuss workplace and workforce changes, equity and inclusion & creating quality jobs.

The Future of Work: Upstate New York
1 / 9 Videos
The Future of Work Town Hall
The Future of Work
The Future of Work Town Hall
Panel Discussion: Wellness in the Workplace
The Future of Work
Panel Discussion: Wellness in the Workplace
The Future of Work: Expertise Project
The Future of Work
The Future of Work: Expertise Project
The Future of Work is Inclusivity
The Future of Work
The Future of Work is Inclusivity
The Future of Work is Equitable
The Future of Work
The Future of Work is Equitable
The Future of Work is Adaptable
The Future of Work
The Future of Work is Adaptable
The Future of Work is STEM Education
The Future of Work
The Future of Work is STEM Education
Ainsley Thomas on Diversity and Education
The Future of Work
Ainsley Thomas on Diversity and Education
Penny Hill on Apprenticeships
The Future of Work
Penny Hill on Apprenticeships