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The Jewish People: A Story of Survival

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Watch Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 12:30pm on WMHT TV.

Spanning millennia, this history of the Jewish people explores how a small group who started as desert nomads overcame countless obstacles to survive to the present day. From slavery to the loss of their temple; from exile to anti-Semitism; from forced conversions to near-annihilation in the Holocaust, how did the Jews make it when so many other communities vanished? The answers are surprising.

"Through thirty and more centuries, he has wandered about on earth, despised and rejected, bruised and beaten, yet all the time wandering on ... He has seen far-flung empires crack and crumble, and mighty peoples dwindle to naught... But he, the Jew, still lives on..." Lewis Browne, 1926. This is their story, the story of Jewish survival. How did a band of desert nomads, against such overwhelming odds, survive four millennia and shape the course of world history?