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Eyes on the Prize | Then and Now

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Watch on WORLD TV. Click here to check for air dates.

Eyes on the Prize: Then and Now is a half-hour special that re-examines the groundbreaking documentary series, Eyes on the Prize, from the filmmakers’ perspective, and the viewpoint of civil rights activists then and now. This intergenerational dialogue takes the civil rights movement and places it under a microscope – revisiting, reframing and re-asking key questions while contextualizing those issues in a contemporary way. 

With the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, the 60th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the recent national spotlight on issues of race, inequality and police brutality, the time has come to have such critical conversations about our storied past, present and future. While there have been victories to celebrate, the country continues to be plagued by some of the same problems of yesteryear. What does all of this mean for the next generation? 

Featuring interviews with Eyes on the Prize filmmakers, thought leaders, current day activists, scholars, and civil rights leaders, this special will explore how far we’ve come, how far we have yet to go, the meaning and significance of the ongoing struggle, and the next steps towards equality. Narrated by Aloe Blacc.