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Hip and Knee Replacement

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Over the last decade, advancements in joint replacement have significantly improved the outcome of surgery, relieving pain and giving people of all ages the ability to regain their mobility.  On HEALTH LINK we examine the most common conditions affecting our joints and the latest in treatment options, from hip resurfacing to customized knee replacement.

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J David Abraham, MD
Dr. J David Abraham is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in total joint replacement and sports medicine at OrthoNY.

Russell Cecil, MD
Dr. Russell Cecil is an orthopedic surgeon at St. Mary's Healthcare in Amsterdam and assistant clinical professor at Albany Medical College.  He specializes in customized knee replacement.

Sharon Marion, PT, DPT, OCS.
Sharon Marion is a physical therapist and orthopedical clinical specialist with Northeast Health. She is also the site supervisor for Sunnyview’s Physical Therapy Services branch in Guilderland. 

Bill Beighey
Bill Beighey underwent hip resurfacing to alleviate his painful arthritis. 

Laurence Nellis
Laurence Nellis is the second person in the Capital District to have a customized knee replacement.


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