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Don't Miss List | July 15 - July 28

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Preview the programs you don't want to miss for the period of July 15 - July 28, 2021 from WMHT. For up-to-date program listings on WMHT-TV, WORLD, CREATE, and WMHT PBS Kids 24/7, visit our schedules page. Click here to sign up to receive our Don't Miss List in your inbox bi-weekly.

Weekends with Yankee

Thursday, July 15 | 7:30pm on WMHT-TV
Learn about the history and legacy of shipbuilding in this small seaside town in Massachusetts.

Great Performances: Roots of Latin Jazz

Friday, July 16 | 10pm on WMHT-TV
Celebrate the rhythms of Latin music with performances by GRAMMY-winners.

Unforgotten on Masterpiece

Sunday, July 18 | 9pm   on WMHT-TV
Cassie and Sunny interview the four suspects, who all deny knowing the victim.

POV: Stateless

Monday, July 19 | 10pm  on WMHT-TV
An attorney advocates for Dominicans of Haitain descent stripped of their citizenship.

In Their Own Words: Pope Francis

Tuesday, July 20 | 8pm  on WMHT-TV
See the experiences that led Pope Francis to the highest office in the Catholic church.

Rick Steves: Europe Awaits

Thursday, July 22 | 8pm  on WMHT-TV
Rick Steves shares European places he'd love to visit when we can travel again post-COVID.

Classic Albums: Queen - A Night at the Opera

Friday, July 23 | 10pm  on WMHT-TV
Explore the story behind the album that made the band a global rock phenomenon in 1975.

Midsomer Murders: Midsomer Life

Saturday, July 24 | 7pm on WMHT-TV
When his ex-wife's lover is found dead, the detectives are forced to dig into the past of the owner and editor of Midsomer Life magazine.

Professor T

Sunday, July 25 | 10pm  on WMHT-TV
The chairwoman of the school inspection team is killed during a robbery, and Professor T is certain the case is more complex than it appears.

Antiques Roadshow: Women's Work

Monday, July 26 | 9pm on WMHT-TV
Celebrate trailblazing women in a show spotlighting their outstanding work!

POV: Mayor

Monday, July 26 | 10pm  on WMHT-TV
Musa Hadid is the mayor of Ramallah, the de facto capital of Palestine.

In Their Own Words: Chuck Berry

Tuesday, July 27 | 8pm  on WMHT-TV
Meet the legend, music, and man who is regularly credited as the father of rock and roll.

NOVA: Creatures of Light

Wednesday, July 28 | 9pm  on WMHT-TV
Deep in the ocean, animals that flash, sparkle, and glow use light to survive in the dark. 

PASSPORT PICKS: Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer l Great Performances- Andrea Bocelli: Believe l Unforgotten

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Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer

Discover the story of a public health revolution that doubled the human lifespan.

Great PerformancesAndrea Bocelli: Believe

Enjoy the songs of the internationally beloved tenor’s 2020 album on location in Malta.


The most dramatic season yet begs the question: who exactly is fighting for justice?