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Don't Miss List | December 2 - December 15

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Preview the programs you don't want to miss for the period of December 2 - December 15, 2021 from WMHT. For up-to-date program listings on WMHT-TV, WORLD, CREATE, and WMHT PBS Kids 24/7, visit our schedules page. Click here to sign up to receive our Don't Miss List in your inbox bi-weekly.

Celtic Woman: Postcards from Ireland

Thursday, December 2 at 8pm on WMHT-TV
Join the multi-platinum ensemble on a spectacular musical journey around the Emerald Isle.

Great Performances: 42nd Street

Friday, December 3 at 9pm on WMHT-TV
"42nd Street" is the song-and-dance, American dream fable of Broadway.

Land Girls

Saturday, December 4 at 4:30pm on WMHT-TV
Follow the lives, loves, highs, and lows of members of the Women's Land Army.

Seaside Hotel

Sunday, December 5 at 11pm on WMHT-TV
It’s the moment of truth for many of the guests and employees.

Antiques Roadshow: Women's Work

Monday, December 6 at 8pm on WMHT-TV
Celebrate trailblazing women in a show spotlighting their outstanding work!


Tuesday, December 7 at 10pm on WMHT-TV
FRONTLINE explores the economic crisis as it's rarely seen - through the eyes of children.

NOVA: My Garden of a Thousand Bees

Wednesday, December 8 at 8pm on WMHT-TV
Discover the diverse species and personalities of bees who live in a British urban garden.

The Big Band Years

Thursday, December 9 at 8pm on WMHT-TV
Hear the music that brought the country through WWII and kick-started the baby boom.

Craft in America: Jewelry

Friday, December 10 at 10pm on WMHT-TV
JEWELRY explores the history, artistry, and impact of personal adornment.

Craft in America: Jewelry

Saturday, December 11 at 12pm on WMHT-TV
Lidia shows how to salt, save and sauce the way the Italians do!

Ken Burns: Muhammad Ali

Sunday, December 12 at 4pm on WMHT-TV
Muhammad Ali brings to life the boxing champion who became an inspiration across the globe.

20 Years of Christmas with the Tabernacle Choir

Monday, December 13 at 8pm on WMHT-TV
Relive 20 years of Tabernacle Choir Christmas concerts with host Brian Stokes Mitchell.

Lidia Celebrates America: Overcoming the Odds

Tuesday, December 14 at 8pm on WMHT-TV
Lidia meets resilient Americans who have overcome extraordinary odds in their own lives.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

Tuesday, December 14 at 9pm on WMHT-TV
Alan Cumming recounts the origin story of how a prince got put into a nutcracker.

PASSPORT PICKS: Broadchurch l Great Performances: Broadway - Beyond the Golden Age l Land Girls

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A murder puts Broadchurch in the full glare of the media.

Great Performances

Explore the world of Broadway from 1959 to the early 1980s.

Land Girls

Follow the lives, loves, highs, and lows of members of the Women's Land Army.