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Beethoven’s 250th Birthday Bash

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An image of Beethoven as he looks up from writing music with a birthday hat on, surrounded by colorful confetti.

Our three-month-long Beethoven Festival on Inside the Music has already begun, Mondays at 6, concert recordings from Capital Region Classical, Derek Delaney is exploring Beethoven’s 3 periods: October – early; November – heroic, middle; December – revolutionary, late period.

Plus the Fifth with Beethoven continues in its usual time, weekdays at 5:30.

Then beginning Monday, December 1, I’ll play all Beethoven on the Big 1@1, through his birthday on December 17.

12/1 Piano Sonata 29, Op.106 “Hammerklavier”
12/2 Piano Concerto 4 G, Op.58
12/3 String Quartet 15, Op.132
12/4 Piano Concerto 5 E-Flat, Op.73 “Emperor”

And then on Monday, December 7, I’ll start the 9 Symphonies across Big 1@1.

12/7 Symphony 1 C, Op.21
12/8 Symphony 2 D, Op.36
12/9 Symphony 3 E-Flat, Op.55 “Eroica”
12/10 Symphony 4 B-Flat, Op.60
12/11 Symphony 5 C min, Op.67|
12/14 Symphony 6 F, Op.68 “Pastorale”
12/15 Symphony 7 A, Op.92
12/16 Symphony 8 F, Op.93
12/17 Symphony 9 D Min, Op.125 “Ode to Joy”

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