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AHA! | Sculpt
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From shadows to light, sculpture influences color, space, and surroundings.

The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, New York features artist Larry Kagan, an artist whose sculptures are all in the shadows. Also, Brazilian installation artist, Lucia Koch, turns ordinary scenery into a place begging to be seen. At the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio, Koch uses mirrors to capture light and your attention. Learn about a craftsman in Magnolia, Texas who keeps traditional blacksmithing methods alive as he crafts utilitarian yet artful objects for use on a working "living history" farm. Patrick Dougherty builds a house/sculpture from twigs in a city park. And Lastly, Mark Crouthamel is the owner and lead sculptor at Sculpted Ice Works, now one of the largest manufacturers of crystal clear ice blocks and one of the largest ice carving companies in the country.