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AHA! | Manipulate

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Artists are manipulators. See how artists manipulate their photographs, memories, and music.

Explore the art and mind of street artist WellDunn in 'Thanks For Looking,' a film by John Glenn that originally aired on WMHT's TvFILM.

Amy Liebrand's smartphone purchase in 2009 led to the merging of art & science. She has become a leader in the global mobile-photography movement, using her passions and her iPhone to create unique art.

An artist photographed her grandmother during the last ten years of her life and has used those images as a way to extend their relationship beyond her grandmother's death.

The Moanin’ Frogs, composed of six students from the Univeristy of Michigan, pays homage to saxophone innovators. The musical group brings back the sounds of a former era with their Vaudville inspired sextet.