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Five Questions with AHA! featured Jordan McClendon

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Animator and Graphic Designer Jordan McClendon is a graduate of The Sage College of Albany. He got his first job out of college at Taft Furniture, where he eventually worked on the animation in their television commercials. Even though he has a full-time job -- along with a wife and child -- he makes a point to hone his skills by freelancing and working on his own animation projects. His animation he is most proud of, so far, is called The Plaza.

1. Who has been an inspiration in your work?

I'd say Hayao Miyazaki is pretty high up there for me. I've spent my youth watching many of his studio's productions. I honestly can't think of an animator more skilled and passionate. 

2. What are you most proud of about your work so far?

With my most recent output, I'm proud of closely capturing the atmosphere of the Madison Ave/Plaza area of Albany. I love this town and I've always enjoyed walking and riding around that area and to be able to recreate it in an animated production, makes me motivated to want to produce even more. 

3. Are you working on anything new right now?

I'm employed full time as a visual media director for White Lake Music and Post here in Albany and I currently maintain a decent freelance workload, so I'm occasionally trying to find a balance between work and family time. But I am planning on outputting another animation taking place around State St. near the capitol building. I really enjoy the architecture down there and I'm eager to continue producing this type of work in that setting.

4. Best advice or tips for other artists/designers?

My advice to other designers would be to absorb as much as you can and to always be expanding your skillset. If you're fortunate enough to be outputting for a commission, great! Take advantage of that. But if you're not working for somebody else, work for yourself. Build your techniques, tighten up your portfolio and don't be afraid to dip into creative fields outside of your expertise. Also... NETWORK! Go ahead and get involved with the creative community, it's growing everyday.

5. Are you someone who loves winter or hates winter? Why?

Someone who loves winter? I didn't know words could be used in a sentence like that. It's okay I guess.