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Five Questions with AHA! featured Maureen Sager

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Maureen Sager on AHA! A House for Arts

Maureen Sager was born on the East Coast and spent some of her career in the entertainment industry on the West Coast. A mother of two, she now lives in Saratoga Springs. She is the project director of the Alliance for the Creative Economy (ACE).

1) How did you get involved with the Creative Economy?

I was part of the original working group that formed way back in 2013. After spending my career in the entertainment industry, I was thrilled to see a group coming together to discuss and develop the Upstate "creative economy" -- it was a new term for us when we launched this project, and it's really rewarding to see it become widely accepted.

2) What do you enjoy about working in the arts?

The arts provide a safe space for individuals and communities to confront difficult, challenging topics. That's what I love most.

3) For those who may not be familiar, what is ACE?

ACE is a not-for-profit project working to develop and grow the Creative Economy of the 8-county Capital Region. We gather large and small Creative businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and independent workers together from a wide variety of sectors for events, discussions and initiatives. It's a ton of fun!

4) Hobbies?

Sewing. Going to the movies. Travel. All of these things make me really happy.

5) Favorite summer beverage?

White wine or rose. I'm a red wine drinker from Labor Day to Memorial Day.


You can learn more about Maureen and the Creative Economy in the clips below from AHA! A House for Arts.