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Delve into a rich tapestry of stories and resources that highlight the unique experiences and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community, while celebrating diversity and resilience in the Capital Region.

Free Screening: Casa Susanna


In the 1950s and ‘60s, an underground network of transgender women and cross-dressing men found refuge at a modest house in the Catskills region of New York. 


Known as Casa Susanna, the house provided a safe place for them to express their true selves and live for a few days as they had always dreamed.


Join WMHT at the Avalon Lounge on Tuesday, June 20th for a film screening and community conversation. Doors open 6:00 pm, film begins at 6:30 pm. Building is accessible & film includes closed captioning.


This event is supported in part by the Ernest Otho Reaguh Advised Fund for LGBTQIA+ Advocacy of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region.

Here and Queer: Local Stories of Identity

WMHT Specials

Out in Albany

Explore the history of the LGBTQIA+ movement in the Capital Region of New York from historic moments to contemporary issues. This special from WMHT was funded entirely through community fundraising in 2015.



When two men are denied a marriage license in their hometown, the town attempts to erase the incident from public record. Over the course of a year, the couple's supporters fight for justice and an accurate narrative of events.

Host Devin-Norelle (ze|zim) explores LGBTQ+ stories of triumph, transformation, and celebration in Brave Spaces. From book clubs and sports leagues to places of worship and the great outdoors, Devin- Norelle meets courageous heroes who, in the face of efforts to exclude Queer voices, are standing up to centuries of hate in order to shape a world where love always wins.


How This LGBTQ+ Bowling League Has Saved Lives for Decades

Homophobia is rampant in sports, but that has not stopped the LGBTQ+ community from competing. For decades, the Buffalo Historical Bowling League has been a striking example of a brave space where one’s own sexual and gender identity is not a barrier. Devin-Norelle meets with the team and explores how sports can be a game-changer for LGBTQ+ mental health. 


How One Queer Friendly Book Club Thrives in the Era of Book Bans

For generations, LGBTQ+ stories have been the target of censorship efforts. Did you know that early organizing against obscenity laws to make LGBTQ+ stories accessible laid the foundation of the Queer Liberation Movement? Today, the Gray Wills Book Club in Buffalo, New York, is a brave space to examine book-banning efforts and how the power of literacy can reverse the effects of oppression on Black and Queer folk.

More Stories of Pride


Follow queer actor Dyllón Burnside on a journey of LGBTQ discovery across the South.

True Colors: LGBTQ+ Our Stories, Our Songs

Celebrate Pride Month with music from LGBTQ+ artists and real-life stories of hope.

Stories from the Stage

There are all sorts of things people are proud of...even being true to who you are.

Origin of Everything

How did the New York City Stonewall Riots turn into a month-long celebration?