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Race, class, education, mentorship, and fake news are discussed in this NYSWI multi-day event. Join in on the discussion of changes in the world of journalism and the future of truth.

“We have come to a fraught moment in our national discourse, with vitriol on both sides of the political divide, there has been a sharp decline in news literacy and a steady rise in 'fake news.'”

- Paul Grondahl, Director,
New York State Writers Institute

The Future of Truth

Thirty great journalists, editors, nonfiction writers, First Amendment scholars, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historians join the NYS Writers Institute to hold a conversation and build a bridge for the public to discuss the important issues of the past, present, and future of the press.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of an extended conversation between Paul Grondahl, Director of the New York State Writers Institute and William Kennedy, Founder and Executive Director of the New York State Writers Institute.

Students Delve into the World of Journalism

Want to know what students think about topics crucial to open democracy? Instead of asking the students directly what they wanted to know or what they were learning, we mentored and guided these students who then went in front of the camera to ask the questions and delve into the world of journalism.

Journalism in the Age of Social Media

Social Media is a leading news source in today’s media culture. Join in on an intense panel where the veteran journalists are asked questions by the legendary Bob Schieffer. The conversation inevitably turns to how we cover this onslaught of information in this day and age and left the students in the audience wondering how we use the relatively new platforms productively.

In this video you will watch excerpts from the panel discussions intercut with exclusive one-on-one interviews with Shane Goldmacher and Amy Goodman going more in depth with the students’ (Meghan Mahar and Elise Coombs) questions.

A Discussion of Race and Class as Covered by the Media

Panelists Carol Anderson, Jose Cruz, Juan Gonzalez, and Adrian Nicole LeBlanc discuss topics around racial tensions and the effect that the current media coverage is having on race and class. Following the in-depth conversation, two students of journalism (Clair Liu and Elise Coombs) sit down with Carol Anderson and the Moderator Gilbert King to ask deeper looming questions.

Fake News and Truth-Telling

Students asked their mentors questions on the topic of fake news. Watch as Elise Coombs of UAlbany and Claire Liu of Cornell University discuss the consequences of the ‘war of journalism’ and what reporters are to do. Panelists in this video are Maria Hinojosa, journalist and talk show host; Kelley Vlahos, managing editor for The American Conservative; and writer and photographer Gilbert King.

Advice for Future Journalists

With a tense political climate, the New York State Writers Institute brought the best minds in journalism together for thoughtful discussion. Curious members of the community and students of journalism, law, and politics gathered. When the panels were done, WMHT had exclusive one-on-one interviews and students were able to ask these journalists for advice and direction.

Reflections of Bob Schieffer on the Future of Journalism

Named a Living Legend by the Library of Congress, award-winning journalist Bob Schieffer has interviewed every U.S. president since Richard Nixon and has moderated three presidential debates. He remains an unwavering voice of truth moderate this panel at UAlbany. It is with his words that we reflect on the current state of journalism and the future of the press.