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WMHT supports students, educators, and families with on-air and online content to enrich the learning experience for all ages. Our comprehensive suite of tools and content includes: a growing library of PBS LearningMedia, PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS for Parents material, local education programming and our ongoing “Ready to Learn” programs, bringing literacy and math education to schools and libraries near you.

Local Content

The Black Panthers: Panel Discussion

A conversation with Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Stanley Nelson and area leaders.

About Dance to Success

This collection of Dance to Success's socio-emotional learning (SEL) resources will help elementary school students grow through dance! By following along with movement videos and engaging with provided supplementary activities, students will be able to work on all sorts of SEL skills such as sharing, listening to and accepting others, and expressing and understanding emotions, among others.

The Future of Work with WMHT

Educational Programming

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Ready to Learn Program

Public Broadcasting began The Ready To Learn Service in 1991, addressing the challenge “ensuring every child enter school prepared for success”. Three points of the Service

--providing a full day of high quality educational programming

--providing a full day of high quality educational programming

--offering community workshops for parents and early childhood educators for training and tools to help children learn and grow

--partnering with Scholastic First Book to provide books to low-income homes.

Workshops, were offered to Head Start, Even Start, and public libraries, guiding parents toward making wise choices for their children’s media.

WMHT received the first grant 1996, and began offering parent and daycare provider workshops and distributing scholastic children’s books each month.

The Family Learning Coordinator position began 2002 with Barbara Lukas developing provider workshops with a literacy and math focus. As partner needs changed, workshops evolved to include parents with their children. Early literacy themes were followed by math, science and home screen/media use. Collaborative partnerships grew to include libraries, schools, faith-based and other community organizations.

As the covid pandemic ended all in-person programming, Barbara began offering a Family Weekly Newsletter with home activities. Limited family RTL workshops are being provided over the zoom platform to Head Starts and libraries. The return to in-person family programs begins in March.

Parents from Albany Community Action Partnership talk about their experience with ‘Learning Math Together,’ a parent program that WMHT adapted from a research-based curriculum, developed and designed by the PBS Ready To Learn program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and CPB. For more information contact

Meet the Education Team