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518 Rainbow Hunt Group Spreads Joy Around the Capital Region and the World

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Collage from 518 Rainbow Hunt
Greg Meyers

As it turns out, a rainbow can brighten a person’s day - even if it technically hasn’t rained.

The 518 Rainbow Hunt Facebook group started in mid-March as families in the Capital Region started working and learning from home. Now, a few weeks later, the group has more than 100,000 members from all over the region, all over the country and all over the world.

“The group started because our creator, Kristyn Dayter, saw a similar idea on Facebook from the Italian communities as they were hit hard by this devastating virus in their country,” said Kimberley Cowles from the 518 Rainbow Hunt group. “[Kristyn] felt we could all use rainbows and cheer in our lives on a daily basis, as we all began to shelter in place within our communities here in the 518.”

The discussion area of the Facebook group has photos of driveway chalk rainbows, rainbows made with items around the house, rainbows in the sky, home-baked rainbows, glittery gifs, music videos, and other colorful creative ideas. These are not just being shared by people in the 518 area code. There are active members in the group from Germany, Scotland, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, Iceland, Colombia, all over the United States, and more.

“I am not at all surprised at the positive worldwide response to the group,” said Kimberley. “There is much more positivity in the world than we give the world credit for and this just proves that, in my view.”

Posts are added to the Facebook group, and photos join the colorful conversation using the hashtag #518RainbowHunt on other social media platforms.

Kimberley added, “The group is needed to continue to bring people together in this time that we have to remain apart; it shows us all the good that is happening and being done, as opposed to all the devastation that we all must witness on the news each day. This group continues to connect families, friends and loved ones with all the rainbows, love, sparkles and cheer. This group has lifted so many which is evident in all the messages we receive via Messenger and on the group itself telling us so. We all love that we’ve helped so many and we hope it continues long after this crisis is over.”

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