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Women's Heart Health

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Andalib Nawab, MD, FACP 
Dr. Andalib Nawab is a Cardiologist in practice with Cardiology Associates of Schenectady.  Dr. Nawab is the medical director of Ellis Medicine’s new Women & Heart Disease program.

Sulagna Mookherjee, MD

Dr. Sulagna “Suzie” Mookherjee is a non-invasive cardiologist at Albany Medical Center specializing in cardiovascular disease and other heart conditions in women. Dr. Mookherjee is also an advocate for educating women about heart disease prevention. Additionally, she is an active member of the American Heart Association and is a regular keynote speaker on the panel for the Go Red for Women movement.

Kim Poli, MD

Dr. Kim Poli is a non-invasive cardiologist at Albany Medical Center with special interests in preventative care and treating women with heart disease.  
Find out how stress can impact your heart from cardiologist Dr. Kim Poli.

Kathy Lanni

Kathy Lanni is co-chair of The Circle of Red, a society of women volunteers who have the passion, the motivation and inspiration to drive and influence change in the community regarding heart health of women in their community and across the country.  Kathy is also a member of the Capital Region Advisory Board of the American Heart Association.

Ronnie Mangione

Ronnie Mangione survived a stress-related heart attack.  She is a member of the Circle of Red.

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