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Living a Long Life

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Would you like to live to 100? Much has been made of all the baby boomers turning 65. However, the fastest growing group over 65 is people turning 100.  Improved health care can be credited for some of that. Genetics also plays a role, but there are lifestyles that can help you live well into your golden years. On Health Link we meet some centenarians and explore the factors contributing to living a long life. Plus design tips for making a home more aging friendly.


Michael Wolff, MD
Dr. Michael Wolff is a Geriatrician and Physician Partner with Community Care Physicians. He's Also the Chief Physician for Continuing Care at the Eddy/St. Peter’s Health Partners. Additionally Dr. Wolff Is Program Director of the Geriatric Fellowship Program:  a Cooperative Program Of The Eddy/St. Peter's Health Partners And Albany Medical Center.

Heather Juby, PHD
Dr. Heather Juby is a Geriatric Psychologist.

Esther Greenhouse, MS, CAPS
Esther Greenhouse is an environmental gerontologist and advocate for Aging in Place, specializing in the impact of the built environment on the level of functioning and well-being of seniors, and is also involved in the broader movement of Universal Design.




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