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AHA! | Talent

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There's no denying that great artists are gifted. In this episode we feature artists brimming with talent.

Step inside the castle of the multi-talented artist T.E. Breitenbach who's famous for his Proverbidioms paintings. 

The Museum of Modern Art presents 'Magritte,' an in-depth look into Belgian surralist René Magritte's passion for turning everyday items into extraordinary objects before your very eyes. 

See how artist and entertainer Dan Dunn creates large, fascinating paintings with rapid strokes and breathtaking speed. 

John Gurche's work has appeared in museums, Hollywood movies, books and even on postage stamps! See how this Paleo-artist's work gives us a peek back in time. 

Lastly, hear from Jimi Hendrix’s sister, Janie, who provides insight into her childhood relationship with her older brother.