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AHA! | Koppett
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Kat Koppett

Take a trip to the MOPCO Improv Theatre in Schenectady, NY to chat with Kat Koppett, the eponymous founder of Koppett – a business that uses the principles of improv to build creative leaders across the country. 

Washington DC’s Story District is a group of storytellers who workshop and perform stories at local theaters. Take a glimpse into their community.

Now we go to Cincinnati, Ohio, to see Terrence Burke bring an entire cast of puppets to life. Watch how he uses his childhood passion to bring kids laughter and positivity. 

In our final segment, we travel to New York City and step inside the official Music School of the Lighthouse Guild, a non-profit healthcare and service organization for people who are blind and visually impaired.  Here, participants get the tools they need for success in music and in life.