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Five questions with AHA! featured artist Corey Aldrich

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Corey Aldrich
Photo by: Richard Lovrich

Corey Aldrich is the owner/founder of 2440 Design Studio | Electric City Couture. After having him on AHA! A House for Arts in an episode  entitled 'Fashion'we wanted to delve a little deeper to learn more about this local artist and creative.

1) Who has been an inspiration in your work?
Over the years there have been so many, it's hard to name names. I grew up in an environment that inculcated me with a strong faith and focus on bringing benefit to others. That construct has been a touchstone for me in my life and has been a guiding principle that has been inescapable. I only feel truly fulfilled when I am in alignment with it. Interestingly, its expression has taken a variety of forms over the last several years, yielding measurable and impactful fruitage in those around me.

2) What are you most proud of about your work so far? 
I am proud that I have been able to raise the bar in our region around fashion through the Electric City Couture productions. So many people come up to me to thank me and show support for that! On a macro level, I am excited that each year I am getting better at staying true to my vision of a triple bottom line business approach. 1) Bringing benefit to all associated project partners, 2) Creating sustainable business from an environmental and project replication perspective, and 3) Holding each project to a standard of leaving the world a better place through connection and empowerment of mission driven organizations and the people who support them.

3) Are you working on anything new right now?
In addition to some major changes with my Electric City Couture project this year I am working on a new, small scale exclusive venue that will focus on intimate performance and wine and food pairing events. That will be located in Eastern NY on the border of MA. Additionally, I am looking to make the LIVE! Jazz series that has been in Saratoga for the last 3 years more portable around the Capital Region. In the short term, at the end of March, I am doing a special event called 'RISSE for Refugees' where we will be partnering up with 'The Iliad' at the REP (Capital Repretory Theatre) in Albany. That will raise awareness and funds for their life changing mission with recent immigrant and refugee families, a totally feel good project in our current political climate for sure. Oh yeah, then there are the ACE Creative Freelancer Events (Alliance for a Creative Economy) that Maureen Sager and I are expanding to an 8 county region in collaboration with the Freelancers Union out of NYC...oh my!

4) Best advice or tips for other artists?
'Tibi ipsi esto fidelis.' (To thine ownself be true.) Focusing on a creative field is frequently about quality of life and pursuit of passion as much as making a living. Don't be afraid to create your own measurement of success and live your own truth, all the while holding your work to the highest standards.

5) How do you take your coffee?
Black and filled to the brim. Always have, always will. (Shout out to the Daily Grind in Troy!)


See Corey in his creative element in this clip. And see him in this full episode of AHA! A House for Arts.

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