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Art Omi: A Perfect Place to Stay Socially Distant

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Structure on the grounds of Art Omi with a cloudy sky
Art Omi

Art Omi is an arts center that boasts a 120-acre Sculpture and Architecture Park and gallery located in Ghent, New York. Each section of the center embraces art in its many forms. From artists and architects to writers, musicians and dancers, Art Omi provides a safe place for artistic expression.

Art Omi has hosted over 2,000 artists from more than 100 different countries. The arts center has created an environment that invites originality and culture. Diversity is a guiding principle at Art Omi, welcoming a mix of artists from all over the world with a place to express their passions and talents.

Art Omi has over 20 current exhibitions on display, while they excitedly await the installation of more art pieces throughout this summer.

With phase 4 of reopening approaching, Art Omi has prepared new installations which are being added daily, while also prepping their Newmark Gallery for a new exhibition coming on July 17.

Art Omi’s summer season has had to adapt and plan according to the changed world we are all living in. However, the arts center is working hard to provide visitors with so much to view in the park and preparing for indoor viewing as well.

Recently, the Sculpture and Architecture Park has installed pieces from artists Bianca Beck and Agustina Woodgate, and many more. The installations offer unique and exciting displays which will be on view until the end of 2020 and even some lasting through 2021.

Bianca Beck, Untitled, is a must see. Beck is known for creating sculptures that are reminiscent of social issues, political action, and Greek mythology. Beck uses art to depict reality in various ways and leaves viewers to decipher the meanings of the dramatic sculptures.

Agustina Woodgate, The Source I-IV, consists of four oversized and interconnected drinking fountains made from Miami oolite. The fountains are not just art pieces but act as functioning drinking fountains. Woodgate brings attention to the politics of landscapes and the idea of infrastructure as geography.

These artists are just two of many which are being offered a place in the park. The works of Dan Colen, Yellow M&M, Brown M&M, Red M&M, Orange M&M (2014), Chemi Rosado-Seijo, Will Ryman, Pac-Lab (2017), and Anna Sew Hoy, Set Nations (2020), are being added daily.

As for architecture, the works of Steven Holl, Obolin (2020), Wendy Evans Joseph, Sensory Journey (2020), and Cameron Wu, Geodesic Promenade (2020), are undergoing daily installations as well.

Coming July 17 to the Newmark Gallery, an exhibition from artist Howardena Pindell. Pindell is an American painter and mixed-media artist. The exhibition will consist of Pindell’s photo collage and video art.

Pindell’s work is known for addressing political themes such as racism, physical trauma, memory and the human experience. Pindell’s work is an extensive look into what it means to be human, with an honest andunromanticized approach.

Communication’s Director Jessica Puglisi says the arts center is thrilled to be moving forward with the new installations and Newmark Gallery exhibition.

The Sculpture and Architecture Park remain open daily to all, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with free admission and a timed entry system is being employed for the Newmark Gallery. To follow social distancing guidelines and promote the safety of all visitors.

Puglisi describes what a timed entry system will mean to visitors.

“A timed entry system will permit gallery visitation from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. every weekend. Visitors will be able to register for a half-hour slot in advance via Eventbrite, or upon arrival to the Sculpture and Architecture Park if space is available at that time. No more than eight visitors will be allowed in the gallery at a time… Gallery reservations will be available at beginning in early July, and will be free of charge.”

Please note: masks are required and a distance of six feet is to be kept between visitors.