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Attention Viewers

On Friday, August 2nd WMHT changed channels as directed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). As part of that change, along with some other stations in our market and around the country, we are operating on our auxiliary antenna on reduced power as work on our new transmitter continues.

Here are steps to take if you are having difficulty accessing WMHT:

1) If you do not see WMHT on your television, you may need to rescan to access our new channel. Click here for information on how to perform a rescan.

2) If you already performed a rescan and cannot receive our channels, this may be because we are operating at reduced power. Our engineers are continuing to work on the efficiency of our auxiliary antenna to improve reception while working on our new main transmission system. Completion of the new main transmission facility, which will result in our strongest broadcast signal ever, will take some weeks to complete.

For more information about the FCC repack and troubleshooting tips to improve reception, please click here.

Thank you.

Creative Capital

What is the Creative Economy? Host Guha Bala takes us on a journey into the creative mind of the Capital Region.



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