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Echoes from the Neighborhood that Disappeared

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Premieres Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 7:30pm on WMHT TV

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Friday, December 4 at 9pm
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"A tribute to the vanished world of Italian immigrant families that fostered culture and community in the South End of Albany, NY. Our original film, The Neighborhood That Disappeared, told the story of the South End of Albany, NY which contained over one-third of the City’s ethnic population and was seized and bulldozed to make way for a government office complex that changed the face of the City forever. This companion documentary, Echoes From The Neighborhood That Disappeared, is a tribute to intrepid Italian immigrants, many of them impoverished, who crossed an ocean to travel to a foreign land where they built a thriving community of business owners, craftsmen, laborers and professionals centered on family life. This companion film examines how a way of life was brought to an abrupt halt by the power of Eminent Domain and unrestrained urban renewal. Echoes also documents how the residents of this neighborhood struggled to maintain their identities as they lost their homes and businesses while adjusting to the turbulent forces of change spawned during the twentieth century. This second film derives its name from the belief of those who resided in Albany’s South End that remnants of this community still survive in the culture, values and moral code by which they were taught to live their lives. For them, the physical destruction of this community is a scar that will never heal."

-Patrick J. Bulgaro, Historical Consultant

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