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Prescription Drugs

Posted by Joanne Durfee, Health Link Producer on

Prescription Drugs Non-adherence to prescription drug directions is a growing epidemic. Failure to take medicines as prescribed may lead to future health issues. Prescription pain killer abuse is another growing problem and can lead to death. We examine what you need to know when medicines are prescribed, including tips for medication management and talking with your pharmacist.


 Jeffrey M. Brewer, Pharm.D, BCPS, BCACP
Dr. Jeffrey Brewer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Albany College of Pharmacy.

John T. McDonald III, R.Ph
John McDonald is Vice President and Co-owner Marra's Pharmacy, Inc., located in Cohoes. He a registered pharmacist and serves as the Mayor of the City of Cohoes.

Beth van Bladel, CPA
Beth van Bladel is the Founder and Director of Capital Region Patient Advocacy, a grassroots endeavor dedicated to teaching healthcare advocacy and navigation skills to our community. She develops healthcare navigation tools, facilitates caregiver discussion groups and teaches workshops such as "Preparing for the Doctor’s Visit and Communicating Your Medical Concerns," "The Ins and Outs of Medication Management" and "Navigating the Hospital Discharge Process: Transitioning from Hospital to Home".
Tools and Resources from the Capital Region Patient Advocacy

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