Corporate Support: A Partnership With WMHT

WMHT Director of Corporate Support Kathy BeamWhen you're a local corporate sponsor of WMHT, you'll get high visibility, superior quality, corporate credibility and an uncluttered environment that enhances your business image among our 275,000 weekly TV viewers, 80,000 weekly radio listeners and 15,000 weekly online users.

Leading the way at WMHT television is New York State's award-winning statewide public affairs program, New York Now, an in-depth focus on healthcare issues with Health Link, stories of artists, makers, and creative institutions in our backyard and across the country with AHA! A House for Art, and a creative showcase for the region's independent filmmakers, TVFilm. WMHT also broadcasts a wide range of PBS favorites, including Antiques Roadshow, FRONTLINE, NOVA, NATURE and PBS NEWSHOUR.

Director of Corporate Support Kathy Beam

WMHT is proud to be the go-to venue for quality, educational children's programs in Eastern New York State and areas of Western New England. From classics like Sesame Street, Arthur and Curious George to new favorites like Peg + Cat and Odd Squad, our PBS Kids' block has the best--and most--educational programs for children.

Since 1972, WMHT FM has been the premiere classical music station for the Upstate New York and Western New England region. With 80,000 listeners in any given week, as well as many more who utilize our free online streaming service and mobile apps, we serve as one of the few all-classical radio services in the U.S.

WEXT FM 97.7 features singer-songwriters, rock and roll, jam bands, alt-country, world and blues music along with a broad array of sounds not heard elsewhere. Knowing no boundary of genre other than 'good music,' WEXT also focuses on emerging artists and especially music from our own region ('the Local 518').

As a Corporate Supporter, You Will:

• Increase your visibility in New York's Capital Region and beyond.

• Enhance your corporate image.

• Reach an influential, exclusive audience.

• Break through the media clutter.

• Associate your company with PBS, America's most trusted institution.

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Public broadcasting has been recognized by Americans as one of the nation’s most trusted resources. For the past four years, respondents to a Roper Public Opinion Poll ranked PBS higher than courts of law, the federal government, commercial broadcast networks, newspapers, Congress and cable television in terms of who they trust.

To learn more about the benefits of a partnership with your local public broadcaster, call Kathy Beam at (518) 880-3464 or email us.