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Frontline Student Support Professionals working in Albany | WMHT

Frontline Student Support Professionals working in Albany

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Frontline Student Support Professionals working in Albany   
Community Conversation co-facilitator: 
Richard Smith, M.A. - Click here for Richard Smith's Biography   

About the community:
Participants in the conversation are student support professionals engaged in the direct provision of services and/or administration of support programs for at-risk youth.

Sample of programs represented by participants: 
 Albany Gang Prevention Program
 Girls Incorporated of the Greater Capital Region
• Liberty Partnerships Rising Stars Program, University at Albany
• MODEL, Inc.
 Too Deep Entertainment
• Albany County Juvenile Community Accountability Board (JCAB)

Themes from the conversation:

• Create meaningful work experiences for youth
• Educate more individuals to become involved with kids, more role models, less role players
• Improve quality of life for students by fostering and teaching skills in self-sufficiency, empowering them to take ownership of their future
• Accept responsibility over the problems and opportunities we have and be more accountable to our communities
• Go “outside the box” to support youth instead of implementing outdated interventions

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