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Breast Cancer

Posted by Joanne Durfee, Health Link Producer on

Breast Cancer Screening What's a woman to do? For years, women have been told to begin annual mammograms at age 40. But, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force back to age 50, unless you have a known risk factor. This major reversal in breast cancer screening advice is causing confusion and anger among women and physicians. On this episode of Health Link we examine what women need to know in the debate over mammograms.


Michael Castro, M.D.
Practices oncology/hematology at St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam, N.Y.

David C. Momrow, M.P.H.
Senior vice president of the eastern division of the American Cancer Society.

Donna M. Pietrocola, M.D.

Surgeon specializing in breast cancer care and surgical oncology at Albany Medical Center and an associate professor at Albany Medical College.

Beth Ellen Whiteside, M.D.

Radiologist at Community Care Physicians, P.C. and assistant professor of radiology at Albany Medical College.

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To Life! is a non-profit organization providing free breast cancer education and support services in a ten-county region, including and surrounding Albany County in New York.

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