This is My Home Now
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Watch Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 11pm on WORLD.

This Is My Home Now documents the lives of four Montagnard youths whose families have come to American in the past decade from Asia. They live in two worlds — that of their parents and grandparents, who lived in the highlands of Viet Nam but fled from government persecution for their Christian religion and desire for autonomy — and one of constant learning and adaptation to be Americans in North Carolina. 

The film also explores how Montagnards (a French colonial reference to “mountain people”) allied with U.S. Army Special Forces in the 1960’s and their coming to the safety of America starting in the 1980’s and continuing until recently. The transition is seen through the challenging lives of the families of the four teens, and viewers learn there are more Montagnards in North Carolina than anywhere outside of Asia, an estimated population nearing 20,000. 

Questions of self-identity, concerns about losing their cultural heritage, the role faith plays in forging ahead on a new life, and the remarkable kindness and support of those who are helping these new Americans to succeed make for a compelling story whose ending is still to be created.