The Artist Toolbox: Sam Gilliam
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Watch Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 7pm on WORLD.

Known as one of America’s leading abstract artists, Sam Gilliam invites John Jacobsen into his private studios to discuss the importance of exploration and a curious mind, a need for ‘investigation’ in art. He reveals how, in his early works on canvas, he began adding several layers of multiple media, single-handedly creating a signature, and now classic and often copied, art form. Now in his fifth decade as an artist, Gilliam talks about his enduring fascination for things such as “storm, sunsets, landscape.” The Artist Toolbox peels back the layers of this inventive master artist in a candid interview with one of the wisest artists working today. 

Hosted by John Jacobsen, The Artist Toolbox presents interviews with the most innovative names in the fields of acting, music, art, fashion design, dance, architecture and literature. The series explores the challenges and passions of these talented artists, and the satisfaction they derive from practicing their individual crafts.