America ReFramed: Deputized
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Watch Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 8pm on WORLD.

On November 8, 2008 in a Long Island town, Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero was fatally stabbed by a group of teenagers cruising the streets “beaner–hopping” (a term used to describe the ritual of attacking Latinos for sport). Jeffery Conroy, a popular high school athlete, is sentenced to 25 years for a hate crime while the others get 5-to-8 years. The local government, press and community agree that the problem is solved and justice has been served. All is well again...or so it seems. 

Deputized delves into the complex environment in which teens – pumped with adrenaline, aggression, alcohol and anger – target vulnerable Latinos perceived to be undocumented. Dissecting the anti-immigration messages and rhetoric flooding the community, the film raises the question: Were the teens deputized by the forces within their community to commit such a senseless act? 

Filmed over three years, Deputized explores the crime from a variety of perspectives by probing the lives of the victim, the boys and the socio-political conditions that brought them together. Follow Lucero’s brother as he fights for justice, Conroy’s father as he strives to seek a fair sentence for his son, a local politician as he spews his anti-immigration rhetoric and the town as it tries to shake the stigma of intolerance. Deputized presents an unfiltered and comprehensive examination of the crime, its consequences and the impact it has on the lives of all those touched by it.