FREE Screening | GRIT
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Mud Man from the film "GRIT"

You are invited to a free screening of

with Academy Award-Winning Director Cynthia Wade

Thursday, April 23, 2019 | 3pm-5:30pm

SUNY Albany PAC Recital Hall (Uptown Campus)
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222

Reception to follow the screening

DIRECTORS’ STATEMENT: “Our hope is that audiences will leave the theater with a better understanding of the world’s largest Muslim country. We want people to think about the urgency for political engagement, the importance of women in leadership roles, and the power of art and perseverance in social and environmental struggles. It’s hopeful that we’re seeing young people stepping up and demanding change worldwide.”

FILM SUMMARY: In 2006, when Dian was 6 years old, she heard a deep rumble and turned to see a tsunami of mud barreling towards her village. She remembers her mother scooping her up to save her from the boiling mud. Her neighbors ran for their lives. Sixteen villages, including Dian’s, were wiped away. A majority of international scientists believe that Lapindo, a multinational company drilling for natural gas, had accidentally struck an underground mud volcano.

A decade later, nearly 60,000 people have been displaced from what was once a thriving industrial and residential area in Indonesia. Dozens of factories, schools and mosques are submerged 60 feet under a moonscape of cracked mud. Despite initial assurances, Lapindo has not provided 80% of its promised reparations to the hundreds of victims of who lost everything.

GRIT bears witness to Dian’s transformation into a politically active teenager as she questions the role of corporate power and money in the institution of democracy itself.

Screening Sponsored by University Auxiliary Services; the Center for Experiential Education; the College of Arts and Sciences and its Center for Dept. of History, Dept. of Art, and Documentary Studies Program; Rockefeller College’s Dept. of Political Science; the New York State Writers Institute; and WMHT.