Season 8 | Episode 2
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'Passing' by Kristin Holodak

In human history, there have always been outsiders – those visibly different. And there have always been those outsiders who slipped through unnoticed. The ones who passed, walking among the crowds – unlike and unnoticed. But when an alien anthropologist is discovered on Earth, passing for human, the definitions of like and unlike have to change.


'Biollante' by Patrick Stephenson

Shot in an evening and edited the next day. Based on a song written by the filmmaker, inspired by a picture of a rose a friend shot which reminded him of a Godzilla film that he saw as a kid but couldn't quite remember.


'It’s Natural' by Darian Henry and Wylia McLeod

This documentary explores the many styles of hair that Black women have to choose from, and spreads a positive message about being yourself and being empowered.