Season 8 | Episode 1
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'Nice to Tweet You' by Justin Maine

Beaks is a bird who lives to tweet, chirp and sing. But when a hiker in the woods suggests she can tweet better than him, Beaks is all atwitter. Is social media for the birds? This funny flight to the finish between nature and technology seeks to find out once and for all.

'Guilt Trip' by Majestic Tillman and Rashid Howell
Shot in one single take, Guilt Trip is the story of two cousins dealing with the aftermath of a crime gone wrong.

'The Dark is Shifting Almost Imperceptibly Toward You' by Marilyn McCabe
This is a video-poem exploring the ephemeral but circular nature of life.

'Kiki on a Bad Day' by Christian Meola
After taking more Adderall than her usual dose, Kiki struggles through her routine plagued by bad luck, endless obligations, and a bizarre encounter with a boy.