Season 6 | Episode 1
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'Corrugated' - Stephen Blauweiss
This film is about visual artist Wayne Montecalvo's unique work with cardboard.  He is a multi-disciplinary artist whose wide-ranging works include mixed media, printmaking, paintings, sculpture, video and collaborative street performance.

'They Will Be Here Tomorrow' - Lawrence White
Is it possible for nature to counter-attack mankind?  Filmmaker Lawrence White brings us a poem about humanity’s assault on Mother Nature. 

'Demons' - Loki Rasmussen
This short film and animation video was created to express the difference between who people are perceived to be and who we actually are and feel. At the end, there is a coming to terms with the people we are, inside and out. 

'Still' - Nicholas Colbert
This short film depicts a troubled young man's journey home.  It is told in short, disconnected chapters to allow the audience space to invent their own origins for the main character.