Nature Trackers Club Monthly Challenge | Living and Non-Living Things
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Attention Nature Trackers!

Nature is full of many kinds of things, some of them are living and some of them are non-living. Living things have certain characteristics that classify them as living. Some of those characteristics include growing, eating, reproducing, dying, and eliminating waste.

Take a nature walk with your grown up and classify the natural things you see in the Living and Non-Living Things Classification Sheet. If you are not sure about an item, put it in the “Not Sure” category. As you do your nature walk think about whether it is it easier to find living things or non-living things? It might seem difficult to find many non-living things, but consider elements of the earth. What are you breathing? What does a tree grow in? What falls from the sky? See what you can find in your neighborhood.

Happy Observing!

Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Club


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