Nature Trackers Club Monthly Challenge | Cloud Watching
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Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Club

Attention Nature Trackers!

Clouds are an important part of the earth’s atmosphere. They are made up of a lot of water and ice droplets in the sky and are so light that they float above the Earth. There are many different types of clouds and each comes in a different form and shape. Three common types of clouds are cumulus, stratus, and cirrus. Cumulus clouds hang low in the sky and are white and puffy, usually piled on top of each other. Stratus clouds are flat and spread throughout the sky. They can sometimes look like a big gray blanket. Cirrus clouds are wispy, meaning they are lighter and thinner than other clouds.

Go cloud watching! Pick a nice day with your grown up and spend some time lying in the grass by your home or in a park looking at clouds. Use the Cloud Journal and spend some time drawing and observing how the clouds look to you.

Happy Watching!

Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Club

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