SciGirls Training Day 3
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Credit: Jenn Baumstein/WMHT

One of the challenges of any training is bringing what was learned back home. It has been two weeks since the training and I am finally at a point where I can both write about the third day of connections and reflect on the program, always aiming forward. 

Briefly, the third day of our time at TPT with the SciGirls team brought us to thinking about next steps. We were introduced to the National Girls Collaborative Project website ( , the Connectory ( and our final practice of SciGirls activities.

I avoided one activity throughout the training: Dough Creatures. There were a number of reasons, ranging from a childhood dislike of play-dough to a fear of allergic reaction to the flour I was inevitably going to touch, but I saw the joy people had engaging in this activity, so I had to try it. The activity was a blast. I (re) learned about Conduction and Insulation and even made a pretty snazzy rain-dough (see what I did there?). If you want to recreate the activity, see here, but I would advise you coming to my training in March to experience it yourself (RSVP).

The day ended with a closing circle and 1-word reflections from the group. I feel well-tethered to this group of strong, bright, passionate educators, and look forward to bringing the SciGirls Seven to all my training in the Capital Region, not just events related to the program. As always, if you have questions about any of the work of the Education and Community Engagement team here at WMHT, feel free to call me at 518-880-3553, or email

Looking forward to working with you!