SciGirls Training Day 1
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Photo Credit: Jenn Baumstein/WMHT

What do you get when you match a love of inquiry, collaboration, positive and supportive feedback loops, and a lot of chocolate? One answer is a SciGirls Connect Train the Trainer workshop in St. Paul, Minnesota...or at least that's what it feels like after one day in the Twin Cities. I and fifteen other educators are in the process of completing a three-day workshop, filled with information about gender equity in STEM fields, tips and tricks to provide teachers with access to SciGirls programs and activities, and a whole host of resources to share at work when I come home. There is so much to share and it had been a LONG day, but I do want to acknowledge the staff at SciGirls and TPT for leading a successful first foray into the world of SciGirls training.

If you are interested in getting your feet wet and learning a bit about SciGirls, I would encourage you to visit There will be more notes tomorrow, but let's just end the night with saying that there is a LARGE opportunity for engaging girls and women in STEM, and we plan on addressing some of the myriad issues in the coming year. Stay tuned and sign up for the SciGirls training in March!

From the winter (it's already in Minnesota)