This Old House: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013
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A new season of This Old House begins Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 9pm followed by a new season of Ask This Old House at 9:30pm on WMHT TV.

In October 2012, the world watched as Superstorm Sandy devastated East Coast shorelines. Almost one year later, the struggle remains for homeowners trying to rebuild. In October 2013, PBS' Emmy® Award-winning home improvement series THIS OLD HOUSE® premieres a special eight-episode series following three sets of homeowners who were the exception to the rule: they began rebuilding–and raising–their homes on the Jersey Shore just months after the storm.

"I was born and raised in New Jersey,” says host Kevin O'Connor. “So this hits home for me. The locals can’t imagine New Jersey without a vibrant Shore, so it’s not a matter of ‘if’ they will rebuild, but ‘how.’ We hope to highlight best practices that will resonate in coastal communities everywhere.”

THIS OLD HOUSE experts Norm Abram, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook and host Kevin O’Connor show viewers mold remediation, breakaway walls, house raising, and state-of-the-art pile driving, presenting a realistic portrait of a region struggling to rebuild smarter and stronger.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes web videos: “Life After Sandy: Storm Stories from the Jersey Shore,” are available now for viewing on, with originals premiering Tuesdays and Thursdays on PBS’s homepage through October 1.


Thursday October 10, 2013 at 9pm | Sandy and The Jersey Shore
Months after Superstorm Sandy wreaked historic destruction on the Jersey Shore, Kevin, Norm and Richard find three homeowners determined, despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges, to stay and rebuild: stronger, smarter, and up out of harm’s way. In Bay Head, Point Pleasant, Manasquan, and communities like them along this hard-hit barrier island community, there’s nowhere to go but up. 

Thursday October 17, 2013 at 9pm | Drastic Measures
Norm tours the Bay Head, NJ revetment project with Thacher Brown; the Bay Head house is raised from the second floor structure. Kevin finds Carlos amid some setbacks trying to get the Point Pleasant house off the ground, and Richard helps Rita say goodbye to her Manasquan house before it’s torn down. Norm gets a lesson on FEMA zones and foundations from structural engineer Pat Cronin.

Thursday October 24, 2013 at 9pm | Getting to Work

Kevin gets a look at decimated Mantoloking, NJ with Chris Nelson in a beach rescue vehicle. The Bay Head home’s new first floor is framed, four feet in the air. Helical pull-down micro-pile technology literally screws the Point Pleasant house in place, as timber piles are driven into the ground for Rita’s new modular home. Bay Head’s oldest bakery has rebuilt: it’s time to make the crumb cake!

Thursday October 31, 2013 at 9pm | Built for Speed

Seaside Heights, NJ, in a race for survival, is scrambling to bring the pier and boardwalk back; at the Bay Head project, mechanical roughs and new mahogany decking on the porch. In Point Pleasant, a compact Italian concrete crusher makes quick work of an old slab for new fill onsite. Richard learns how the Manasquan house is built in the factory, in less than a week!

Thursday November 14, 2013 at 9pm | Lines in the Sand

A Texas contractor explains how they’re dredging sand shoaled in Barnegat Bay after Sandy; structural hardware and windows are installed in Bay Head. The Point Pleasant garage, now 10 feet in the air, becomes the new dining room; Rita’s modular home gets trucked in and craned onto timber piles in Manasquan; Kevin visits the 19th-century Great Auditorium and tent city in Ocean Grove, NJ.

Thursday November 21, 2013 at 9pm | Go With The Flow

Roger learns about barrier island ecology, while the Bay Head job is in limbo waiting for FEMA. Breakaway walls and flood vents are installed in Point Pleasant, and Rita’s modular Cape is steaming along. Alex Burke shows Roger what plants and trees survived Sandy’s salty onslaught, which didn’t, and how to landscape for the future on a barrier island.

Stories From Sea Level
Kevin surfs with pro Sam Hammer and cruises the Bay with marine biologist Chris Wojcik. Sea-level foundation footings go in in Bay Head while stone veneer, fiber cement siding, and composite decking dress up the Point Pleasant exterior. Richard takes a victory lap in Manasquan as flooring and fixtures are in and Rita’s house is finished.

One Year Later
One year after Sandy, three projects conclude on the Jersey Shore. Richard visits the “Mantoloking Miracle.” Garage doors, designing a planter, and an interior design that repurposes what was once a garage. Kevin, Norm, Richard and Roger all meet up at a wharfside wrap party to celebrate new friends determined to restore the Shore!