The Patient's Playbook with Leslie Michaelson
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THE PATIENT’S PLAYBOOK WITH LESLIE MICHELSON provides a practical guide for everyone — no matter their age or income — to get the best possible medical care from a flawed and challenging system. Using compelling stories of real patients and physicians, Michelson reveals life-saving strategies and decision-making tools to empower viewers to completely rethink the way they interact with caregivers and hospitals.

It’s easy to become confused when you or a loved one is facing a health problem. Critical decisions about treatment must be made, yet often we don’t even know how to begin the process, much less how to collect the right information, gain access to the most capable physicians, frame our options, and ensure the best possible outcome. It’s no wonder that we sometimes place our fate in the hands of doctors — no questions asked.

THE PATIENT’S PLAYBOOK provides the roadmap that every American needs to make these important decisions. In an easy to follow program, Michelson takes viewers step-by-step through the process of getting the best possible medical care, including:

• Finding and forging a strong relationship with a primary care physician

• Writing down your family’s health history
• Collecting medical records and doctor’s notes and keeping key information in your wallet

• Avoiding the most common mistakes people make in the first 24 hours of a medical emergency

• Avoiding over-treatment (which can be even more dangerous than under-treatment)
• Researching the latest developments and innovations in care

• Immersing yourself in your illness and learning from the doctors who are passionate about it

• Making sure you’ve been correctly diagnosed

• Identifying the right treatment plan . . . and much more.


Host Leslie Michelson, a medical case management expert and advocate for patient education, has distilled three decades of experience into THE PATIENT’S PLAYBOOK. As a young man, he helped his father navigate a frightening diagnosis, ultimately saving him from unnecessary — and dangerous — open-heart surgery. This first “case” spurred a lifelong dedication to helping people from all walks of life when they need medical guidance.