Eat to Live with Joel Fuhrman, MD
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EAT TO LIVE WITH JOEL FUHRMAN, MD is a new PBS special based upon the latest scientific research supporting his revolutionary plan, the Nutritarian Diet. Cutting through the hype, Dr. Fuhrman gives viewers the facts they need to drop that hard-to-lose weight and lower blood pressure and cholesterol without drugs. For those with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, Dr. Fuhrman sets them on a path to recovery and becoming non-diabetic as soon as possible. EAT TO LIVE WITH JOEL FUHRMAN, MD is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations beginning June 4, 2016 on WMHT-TV.

EAT TO LIVE is divided into three chapters. “The Science” explains the research behind Dr. Fuhrman’s approach to health, with tips and strategies to implement his program, focusing on how the Nutritarian diet will combat heart disease. “No More Drugs” shows viewers how to naturally lower blood pressure more effectively than medication and discusses the hidden risks of drugs. Dr. Fuhrman shares numerous scientific studies that show how the Nutritarian style of eating unleashes our body’s miraculous self-healing potential. The last chapter,  “Achieve Incredible Health,” reveals that if Dr. Fuhrman’s plan is followed not only will blood pressure and cholesterol be lowered, but other risk factors as well. The Nutritarian plan helps reduce weight, body fat and waist measurements, resolve Type 2 diabetes, maintain youthful vigor and melt away plaque from obstructed arteries.

EAT TO LIVE provides key information to help viewers live longer, reduce the need for medications, and improve health dramatically. Dr. Fuhrman illustrates the Nutritarian plan’s delicious food, how it will change the way we want to eat, and how to defeat food addictions and cravings. Most importantly, if we follow the Nutritarian diet, we will lose weight faster than we ever thought possible.

The program includes encouraging, engaging personal stories from Dr. Fuhrman’s treatment of over 10,000 patients that demonstrate his clinical and research findings that eating more healthful, high-nutrient foods decreases the desire for addictive low-nutrient foods.