Martha Bakes | Season 6
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Learn to create the finest desserts and goodies in your own home. Martha Stewart shares the best baking tips and techniques, giving you the confidence to create delectable baked goods — from scratch — in your own kitchen. Martha’s updated versions of the classics set the standard, while her uses of flavors and ingredients add new angles to some familiar favorites.


Fruit Curds

Today on Martha Bakes, learn the innovative technique for preparing brilliantly colored fruit curds for three special desserts: an irresistible pucker-worthy lemon tart with a rich brown butter-cookie crust, cupcakes filled with passion fruit curd, and a raspberry curd filling for an elegant genoise fit for any celebration!

Homemade Doughnuts

Attention all doughnut lovers - this show is for you! Martha shares her invaluable techniques while preparing a variety of homemade doughnuts. From raspberry filled doughnuts and crisp apple fritters to the famous yeasted, sugarcoated doughnut from New Orleans known as a beignet. Homemade treats your family will adore!

Chocolate Ganache

Some of Martha’s favorite chocolate desserts have something in common: they’re made with ganache. In this lesson, learn how this two-ingredient wonder can be incorporated into three remarkable desserts, including a rich dark chocolate filling for an almond-based tart shell, and a sinfully delicious chocolate ganache frosting for a fudgy devil’s food cake. And, for the kid in us all, who can resist milk chocolate pudding cupcakes?

Sponge Cake

In this lesson, Martha demonstrates how her favorite sponge cake recipe can be adapted to create three spectacular desserts. Learn how a thin sheet of sponge cake can be swirled into a raspberry whipped cream jellyroll. Next, layer sponge cake for an unforgettable multi-tiered caramel buttercream cake. Learn the technique for piping the same batter into delicate ladyfingers for a mouth-watering tiramisu ice cream cake. One recipe, three delicious possibilities!


Some of Martha’s favorite chocolate desserts have something in common: they’re made with ganache.In this lesson, learn how this two-ingredient wonder can be incorporated into three remarkable desserts, including a rich dark chocolate filling for an almond-based tart shell, and a sinfully delicious chocolate ganache frosting for a fudgy devil’s food cake. And, for the kid in us all, who can resist milk chocolate pudding cupcakes?

White Bread

A few of Martha’s favorite breads have something in common—they’re made from special dough inspired by Japanese milk bread. Learn step-by-step how to make this amazing dough that, when baked, creates soft, springy textured breads and rolls. Discover how to make a basic Japanese-style white bread loaf and two other variations using the same dough: cinnamon-raisin swirl bread with raisins and to-die-for jalapeno-cheddar rolls that are sure to amaze your dinner guests.

Never Enough Cookies

Learn to make the perfect cookie for every occasion. Next from Martha Bakes, four fantastic cookies—fruit-and-nut filled giant kitchen sink cookies, vanilla sugar cookie sorbet sandwiches, and maple-pecan shortbread squares—all so good you’ll never buy store-bought again. Plus, the most decadent double-chocolate sandwich cookies. Can we ever have enough cookies?

Pizza Dough

Next, from Martha Bakes, all the techniques you’ll need to make pizzeria classics at home. Learn a recipe for make-ahead pizza dough and the all-important trick you’ll need for creating a crisp crust on a spinach and three-cheese pizza. Martha shares her expert tips for making a mouth-watering sausage and roasted red pepper calzone and a pizza made in a skillet and topped with wild mushrooms for a deep dish-like pizza sensation. Recipes your whole family will enjoy!

One-Bowl Desserts

Want to bake but don’t want to create a mess in the kitchen? Look no further than Martha’s four impressively simple one-bowl desserts: starting with brown-butter coconut cashew blondies and then…skillet baked plum cake. You’ll love the single-serving size fudgy brownie sundaes so simple; they are a must have in every baker’s repertoire. And for a savory twist, Scottish oatcakes, best served with cheese or jam.  

Layered Yeast Dough

Many of your favorite French bakery staples are made with layered yeast dough that relies on a technique called lamination. Join Martha in the kitchen as she shares her culinary tricks of the trade in three classics: traditional kouign-amann, a specialty from Brittany, unforgettable sugar and spiced cinnamon-sugar knots, and a recipe for snails, which you can easily adapt to your own taste. These treats are the perfect start to any day!

Pastry Cream

Cream puff, éclair and napoleon lovers, pay attention…this episode is for you! Martha shares the technique you’ll need to prepare one-pot pastry cream for three spectacular desserts: a magnificent cherry tart with cherry spiked pastry cream, decadent coffee pastry cream-filled cream puffs with chocolate glaze. Plus, a favorite Polish dessert called Kremowka, featuring a cream mousseline sandwiched between golden brown puff pastry. All guaranteed to garner rave reviews!

French Meringue

Many show stopping desserts have one thing in common.  Next on Martha Bakes, three fantastic meringue based desserts—snowy-white individual pavlovas with a brightly colored orange curd filling, a stunning chocolate dacquoise cake layered with chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream, and a light-as-air tinted pretty-in-pink angel food cake.

Press-In Pie Crusts

Join Martha as she makes three extraordinary press-in crust desserts, including classic cheesecake with a beautiful apricot finish and chocolate cream tart for the chocoholic in your life. You won’t want to miss what makes her Atlantic Beach tart so special. Just one hint … it involves crackers.