Ellie's Real Good Food
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Hosted by chef, registered dietician, nutritionist, and New York Times best-selling author Ellie Krieger, ELLIE'S REAL GOOD FOOD is designed to help real people get the most out of life by cooking in the “sweet spot,” where delicious and healthy meet.

The 13-part cooking series offers solutions for every meal of the week, with healthy, time-saving strategies for menu planning, food shopping and cooking. Viewers see these strategies in action as Ellie and her team visit individuals and families to solve specific food challenges – whether at home or in the workplace – and offering delicious recipes and practical tips along the way. 


"Busy Mom Seeks … Help!"
Ellie takes Beth -- a mom, a full-time labor and delivery nurse, and a grad student -- under her wing. Ellie helps Beth rein in her take-out habit with three easy make-ahead recipes that stock her fridge with a week of tasty meals. 

Blueberry-chia overnight oats 
Turkey-stuffed pizza pockets 
Cajun shrimp in foil 
3 Ingredient Recipe: Red wine salad dressing

"Say Yes to Chocolate"
The key to having chocolate in your life in a manageable way is to go for quality over quantity. In this episode, Ellie visits the Chocolate Expo and demonstrates how to incorporate the joys of chocolate into everyday menus, clarifying how to take advantage of its health benefits. 

Fig & ginger truffles 
Double-chocolate waffles a la mode 
Mocha java smoothie 
3 Ingredient Recipe: Basic hot chocolate with mix-ins: vanilla extract, ginger, mint extract, chili, cinnamon, chocolate shavings

Inez’s extreme approach to carbs has left her not only feeling tired, but stressed from making separate meals for herself and her family. Ellie helps Inez bring balance to her home, by dispelling misinformation about carbs and sharing healthy recipes she can enjoy with her family.

Whole grain penne with chicken, 
Mushrooms and spinach, basil pesto with spaghetti squash
3 Ingredient Recipe: Quinoa pilaf

"Cheese-Crazy Daddy"
We all love cheese-- who doesn’t? But there can be too much of a good thing. Ellie answers an SOS from a home where cheese has completely taken over the menu. Ellie, a cheese lover herself, shows how to keep from going overboard with cheese and instead utilize its best assets—its great flavor and health benefits.

Skillet mac and cheese
Parmesan-crusted chicken breast 
Pan-steamed broccoli with lemon, garlic and parsley 

"No Brainer Breakfasts"
Ellie tackles the challenge we all face every day--what’s for breakfast, especially in a busy household when everyone is out the door like a pool ball break. She helps out Mary, a mom and an elite athlete and coach, who literally hits the ground running each morning.

Make-ahead mini frittatas with leeks and asparagus
Morning glory baked oatmeal
Peanut butter and grapes wrap 
Avocado toast with egg

"Office Food Overhaul"
Ellie visits a busy office where stress has led to junk food snacking and fast-food lunching. Armed with photos of sugary office treats submitted by one office employee to solicit her help, Ellie shares tasty alternatives to fight back.

Herbed farro salad with chicken, walnuts, feta and spinach 
Asian chicken wrap
Buffalo chicken salad

"The Goods on Gluten-Free"
There’s a gluten-free explosion days, but how much of it is real and how much of it is hype? Ellie demystifies the gluten issue once and for all with the help of her stepbrother and yoga instructor David Wilder, who has celiac disease. In this episode, Ellie also underscores just how many foods are naturally gluten-free, with recipes that will satisfy everyone. 

Multigrain pancakes 
Steak au poivre salad 
Roasted salmon and fennel with lemon and thyme 
3 Ingredient Recipe: Greek yogurt with warm walnuts and honey

"Sweet Tooth Satisfiers"
Does sugar have you in its thrall? Ellie helps one family tackle their sugar quandary so they can continue to do the baking they love in a healthier way without sacrificing flavor. 

Crispy French toast fingers with blueberry maple sauce 
Banana bread with chocolate drizzle 
Coconut date balls 
3 Ingredient Recipe: Cherry chocolate haystacks 

"Dueling Schedules Dinner Challenge"
It can be a challenge to put dinner together in a working household. And then what happens when you’re working opposite shifts? Ellie helps a frazzled couple trying to get healthy weeknight dinners on the table when conflicting schedules and priorities intervene.

Shrimp with spinach, garlic and smoked paprika 
Peach chicken with crispy bread crumbs
3-Ingredient Recipe: Two-minute mango-coconut sorbet

"Herbivore vs. Carnivore"
He’s a meat eater. She’s a vegetarian. Their kitchen has become a battleground. Can this marriage be saved? It’s Ellie to the rescue with flexible recipes that will bring them together.

Warm Spinach Salad w grilled sirloin
Panzanella with White Beans with chicken sausage
Forbidden Rice Bowl 
Grilled veggies & lamb kabobs served with 3 Ingredient Recipe- Tahini Sauce

"Teeny Kitchen"
Ellie helps out a couple contending with the challenges of cooking in a tiny apartment kitchen. Ellie proves that with just a few key pans and gadgets, and some smart recipes, anyone can produce fantastic meals in even the most cramped quarters. 

Herbed salmon with orzo and feta 
Beef and many vegetable stew
Lemon garlic chicken breast with roasted rosemary potatoes and Brussels sprouts

"It’s My Party"
Ellie prepares an ensemble of make-ahead dishes that are designed so that both party-giver and partygoers can equally enjoy the festivities. All these dishes can be cooked and frozen ahead of time and then simply reheated at party time. Go ahead: enjoy your own party.

Asian shrimp cakes served with 3 Ingredient Recipe: avocado-wasabi sauce
Chicken phyllo pies
Chipotle black bean dip

"Spring Break with No Regrets"
Ellie shows us how to transform a vacation from an unhealthy free-for-all into an opportunity to find new flavors you can use to bring your good times home.

Caribbean chickpea curry wraps
Jerk pork loin with mango cucumber salsa
Grilled pineapple with coconut whip 
3-Ingredient Recipe: mango avocado salad