U.S. Diplomacy
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Diplomacy is a key concept that students need to grasp as citizens of a global society. Various roles of U.S. diplomats exist in embassies and consulates around the world and at the U.S. Department of State. Yet, their mission is clear — to carry out the foreign policy of the President and to represent the country’s political and economic interests.

Conducting foreign policy is a complex business requiring the hard work of a team of people, including the President, Secretary of State, First Lady and Ambassadors, but a large part of it is done by mostly-unknown professional diplomats. There is a stereotype of the diplomat as a professional in a suit, sitting in a formal meeting room, negotiating peace, threatening war, or hammering out the terms of a treaty. However, that work is only a small part of their jobs. So what else do they do, and how does their work impact our daily lives – and the course of history?

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