Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core Conference
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The second Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core conference will be held in Albany on Tuesday, August 12, and Wednesday, August 13, 2014. You are invited to submit a proposal for an interactive lab in one of six curriculum areas: The Arts, English Language Arts, Math, Science, Language other than English (LOTE), or Social Studies. Lessons or curriculum used during the lab must be aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and must demonstrate inquiry through the use of primary sources and/or other cultural resources, such as historic objects, multimedia objects, maps, works of art, or natural resources such as plants, soil or rocks. The presentation team must consist of at least two or more people, each from one of the following professions; a classroom teacher, a librarian, a teaching artist, or a cultural educator (an educator from a museum, archive or records repository, public media, historic site, nature center, zoo, performing arts center, or other cultural organization) and must demonstrate mastery in the area of inquiry-based learning. Your team members should come from different professions.

Registration is now open for Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core 2: Inquiry-Based Learning Across the Disciplines, a professional development conference for educators in all settings – schools, museums, libraries, nature centers, historic sites, performing arts organizations, zoos, and other cultural institutions.

The conference will be held at the Cultural Education Center on Madison Avenue in Albany. The registration fee is $50 per person, and travel expenses will be reimbursed for participants coming from at least 60 miles from Albany (NYS government travel policies apply). Visit http://www.eventzilla.net/web/event?eventid=2139041520 to register.

Registration is first come, first serve. In order to make sure we have a good mix of professions represented, we have capped registrations (we will have a waiting list in case it's necessary). So register right away!

If you have questions, email uncommoncc@gmail.com or call 518-474-5223. You can find more information at the conference blog: http://uncommoncc.blogspot.com/.